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(Permalink) -The Unsavory Rot Uncovered In Catholic Dioceses - Soto (Sacramento) (8/16/2018) - Part ll: Conspiracy of in Silence Catholic Dioceses - Soto (Sacramento) (8/3/2018) - Part l: Conspiracy of in Silence Catholic Dioceses - Soto (Sacramento) (8/1/2018)
Dave Sr. Radio Interview on the Phil Cowan Show (AM 1380) - Soto (Sacramento) (7/30/2018)
Father Leatherby Homilies (2010-2016)
Church Militant - CA Bishop Accused of Punishing Good Priests - Soto (Sacramento) (8/9/2018)
Church Militant - CA Bishop Jaime Soto Covered Up Gay Sex Abuse - Soto (Sacramento) (8/8/2018)

Fr. Lankeit's Homily for Sept. 9, 2018
The Secular War on the Supernatural by Alice von Hildebrand

An Ominous Warning from the Lord in the Very Liturgy We Celebrate - National Catholic Register
How to Recognize Demonic Activity in the Church Scandals, According to an Exorcist - National Catholic Register
Fr. Lankeit's Homily for Sept. 2, 2018

Hubris meets nemesis? - Edward Feser
Why It’s a Good Thing Pope Benedict Resigned and We Have Pope Francis
Prelates and Pederasts - Ricochet

A Catholic Civil War? - New York Times
The (Growing) List of Catholic Prelates and Other Notable Catholics Supporting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.
Pope Francis Concerned With Climate Change Over Sexual Predator Clergy
How The Pederasty Cover-Up Will Make Civil War Within The Catholic Church
List of Bishop Statements on McCarrick Scandal - Catholic Women's Forum

Downfall: A Not-So-Hypothetical Legal Exercise - What if Jorge Mario Bergoglio were to be sued in his individual capacity? - Rorate Caeli
 The Amazing Story of How Archbishop Viganò’s Report Came to Be - One Peter Five
Why Francis Must Speak - First Things
Why did Pope Benedict Resign? McCarrick, Vigano and Vatican Bank Scandals Explained in Detail - Dr. Taylor Marshall

VIDEO: Pope tells media he’s ‘not going to say a word’ about McCarrick cover-up
Pope Francis ‘refuses to deny’ explosive accusations that he ‘COVERED UP’ sex abuse
Episcopal Sodomy: Pope Francis Must Resign

Francis Gay Mafia Bombshell: The Day After - The American Conservative (8/26/2018)
Wuerl denies he was informed of Vatican restrictions on McCarrick - Catholic News Agency
Pope Francis Alleged to Have Known in 2013 About Sex-Abuse Charges
News of Archbishop Vigano Has Hit the Curia Like an Atomic Bomb - Roman Catholic Man
Church Militant - Facebook Live - Special Report (starts at 4:15)
Ex-papal envoy to US calls on Pope to resign, saying he knew about McCarrick
Ex-papal envoy to US calls on Pope to resign, saying he knew about McCarrick
Bishop Strickland's public statement:
Cardinal Burke responds to former US nuncio’s explosive letter about Pope Francis
Statement from Bishop Olmsted in the Diocese of Phoenix
Archbishop Coakley's Response to Viganó Testimony
Archbishop Cordileone's Letter on the Testimony of Archbishop Viganò
Ex-nuncio accuses Pope Francis of failing to act on McCarrick's abuse reports - Catholic News Agency
Vatican Bombshell: McCarrick Conspiracy Uncovered! - The American Conservative
Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse - National Catholic Register (8/25/2018)

Crux - Clericalism: The culture that enables abuse and insists on hiding it
WND - The Catholic Church’s problem: Clericalism or homosexualism?
Life Site News - Accused Pennsylvania priest predators preyed mostly on teen boys: analysis
NC Register - Chastity Means Loving as Christ Loves
Pilgrim Priest - Why Did So Many Gay Men Enter the Priesthood in the 20th Century?
Wherein Fr. Z offers one of the hardest posts he has ever written
Homily from August 19, 2018 - Church of Saint Raphael
Fr. James Martin’s Vatican appointment will only embolden LGBT activists

Let the RICO begin.....
The Catholic church covered up abuse. Can RICO laws treat it like organized crime? - York Daily Record
Vatican Bombshell: McCarrick Conspiracy Uncovered! - The American Conservative - Missouri - - (8/23/2018)
IL - Illinois - - (8/23/2018)
PA - Pennsylvania -

How to Stay Faithful as We Endure and Confront the Crisis - National Catholic Register (8/21/2018)
Msgr Kalin & #MeToo Conservatives - The American Conservative (8/1/2018)

Catholic Priests Speak Out: Faithful Priests ‘Blackmailed,’ ‘Bullied’ - Breitbart
Letter From A Frustrated Parish Priest - The American Conservative
Cardinal Burke: ‘Very Grave Problem of Homosexual Culture in the Church’ - Breitbart
Catholic Signatories Demand Mass Resignation of US Bishops - Church Militant
An Apocalyptic Pandemic - Fr. Edwin Palka on the culture of secrecy and blackmail among gay bishops - Church Militant
No Matter How Bad You Think the Corruption Is, It’s Worse - OnePeterFive
“Gay” Priests? An Open Letter to Fr. James Martin - Crisis Magazine
A Crisis of Infidelity - First Things
Why Men Like Me Should Not Be Priests - First Things
A priest speaks out on sexual abuse crimes - ENN 2018-08-22 - EWTN
Fr. Lankeit's Homily for Aug. 19, 2018

Fort Worth bishop forced Prosper priest to resign for urging fellow priest to end alleged affair, attorney says - Dallas Morning News - Bishop Michael Olson (Fort Worth)

This is the same bishop who...
 Bp. Michael Olson attacks pro-lifers while hosting pro-aborts on parish property - Church Militant - Olson (Fort Worth)

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